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On this page we try to answer some frequently asked questions.
Is your question not answered yet on this page? Please use the discussion board.


  • Which version of the WISP should I use?
  • The WISP team at the University of Washington is currently only supporting and producing WISP5.X devices. The older WISP4.1DL device is no longer available.
  • How can I get some WISP5 devices to work with?
  • Please inquire about WISP5 availability and pricing at

  • I just got my new WISP, what do I do now?
  • Will the WISP5 work with Reader X?
  • Currently the WISP5 is only guaranteed compatible with the FCC-compliant versions of the Impinj Speedway R1000 and R420. Other readers, or versions of these same readers sold for use in countries other than the USA, will most likely NOT work with the WISP5 in our experience. Many users have attempted to use WISP5s with Chinese or European R420/R1000 readers with no success.
  • I would like to modify the source code running on my WISP, where can I find it?
  • How do I program my WISP5?
  • To program your WISP5 you need a MSP-FET Flash Emulation Tool from TI, the process is described on our getting started page.
  • How do I connect my WISP5 to the MSP-FET programming device?
  • It is advised that you use a WISP programming adapter and align the ground pin (denoted GND) of the adapter board with the ground pin of the programming connector on your WISP (also denoted GND) as shown in the picture on our getting started page.
  • My WISP keeps turning on and off during operations, is my WISP defective?
  • Welcome in the world of transiently-powered computing! Please read some literature as referenced on our publications page.


  • How do I control my LLRP-compliant RFID reader?
  • We recomand on using our inhouse developed SLLURP library which can be found on Github.
  • Do you support reader X?
  • At the time of writing we only tested with Impinj R420 and R1000 readers.
  • If you have tested another reader and found it working, please report this to us so we can update the list!
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